Pictured from left to right, top to bottom:

Marjorie DeCap - President (marged@phoenixcorp.org)

Matthew DeCap - Vice President (mdecap@phoenixcorp.org)

Michelle DeCap - Chief Financial Officer (michelled@phoenixcorp.org)

Tammy Tegeler - Accounts Receivable (ttegeler@phoenixcorp.org)

Debra Klavon - Accounts Payable (dklavon@phoenixcorp.org)

Andrew DeCap - Contract Cost Manager (adecap@phoenixcorp.org)

Jane Baxter - Office Manager (jbaxter@phoenixcorp.org)

Mike Gritton - Project Manager (mgritton@phoenixcorp.org

Chad Misfeldt - Project Manager (cmisfeldt@phoenixcorp.org)

Pat Meyer - Estimator (pmeyer@phoenixcorp.org)

Terry Helke - Shop Manager / Lowboy Driver

Norm Olinger - Foreman (storminsshbc@gmail.com)

Bobby Scaggs - Foreman (bdsphxcorp@gmail.com​)

Scott De Keyser - Foreman (sadphxcorp@gmail.com)

Shane Ikens - Foreman (sriphoenixcorp@gmail.com)

Brandon Dallefeld - Foreman (bdallefeld@phoenixcorp.org)

Lyle Eberhart - Foreman (leberhart@phoenixcorp.org)